PWX IS soooo Awesome !!!
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PWX IS soooo Awesome !!!
Got uprising last night !!! AWESOME !!! The controls is like NO Mercy and Firepro . PWX fan 4 life !!!!! Smile

My name is Ray Sherrod and i'm a wrestling game fanatic I have most of all the wrestling games from japan KOC,FirePro ,New Japan and All japan wrestling games I also have WWE ,WCW TNA and ECW games . I"M sooo happy for the indy games like AAW(action arcade wrestling and PWX (pro wrestling X ) Awesome indy games . PWX 's Dave is so cool and next week when i get paid im going to shoot some more money to support PWX cause . Right now i'm playing with PWX Uprising and I can't wait for some more PWX and AAW . COME ON GUYS SUPPORT PWX AND AAW !!!!!!!
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01-30-2013, 02:59 PM
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RE: PWX IS soooo Awesome !!!
Hey welcome! Really glad to have you here and I know Dave Horn (AAW developer) appreciates your support, too. Us little indie guys sincerely appreciate the support we get from guys like you. Thank you!! Woohoo!!
03-06-2013, 11:06 PM
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