Reporting bugs - guidelines
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Reporting bugs - guidelines
Ok, so while I'm not a part of the development team, I am a developer and am familiar with bug reporting (both the giving and receiving). I'd like to make some suggestions to those who are in possession of either the Uprising Dropbox BETA or the Official Release (or any official release thereafter) and wish to report bugs on these forums.

@Dave, devs, & mods - if there's anything I'm missing in the following list please feel free to add to it, and if it's good enough maybe sticky it?

  • DO make sure that the bug happens in an unmodded (aka "vanilla") installation of the game; this is the most important one, as the team is not responsible for the effects of improperly made third-party content on the game. If a ring texture you made, for example, looks red when it should be blue, that's your fault so just redo the texture; you may have possibly saved in the wrong format.
  • DO include the version of the game you're reporting; chances are if you're reporting something happening in the Dropbox BETA it might have been fixed in Official Releases, so also...
  • DO try to use the latest version of the game possible; most often newer versions contain bug fixes and such.
  • DO include your system specs in the report; it should be in the post with the report itself. You can include it in your signature, but then you have to make sure that when you post you include your signature (a checkbox under the textbox) and even then other users may turn off sig just put it in the post.
  • DO try to be as thorough and specific as possible in your report; it's considerably more helpful when Dave and the devs try to reproduce what happened.
  • DO use a useful title if you're starting a new post; something like "Crashes when walking across front of ring" is a usefully descriptive summary title, and even something like "Walking outside bug" is considerably more useful than "Bug" or "Found a bug!" or "Something's wrong" or "Fuck my moustache" or whatever.
  • DO try to be as objective as possible; a game is simply code and it doesn't care whether you're tall, short, male, female, bald, hairy, whatever. The game only cares whether the hardware+software combo you're running it from can handle it or not.
  • DO try to make sure you can reproduce the bug first before reporting it if it's control related.
  • DO try to record the bug happening if you can; still images are fine, video is even better, but if the bug is audio-related do the best you can. If unable to record it happening, be as thorough and specific as possible in how to reproduce it.
  • DO research previous bug reports; there's a chance your bug has been reported before, so try to look it up first and then piggyback off that thread if it exists.
  • DO remember that this is a wrestling game we've bought, so expect it to act accordingly; we don't need "It won't make me breakfast" or "It won't do my taxes" or such reports, sarcastic or otherwise.

  • DON'T be vague; something like "The game freezes when I move" is too general, so pin it down to a situation that can be reproduced.
  • DON'T lob personal insults at people; "Dave your game crashes so it sucks so you suck so your whole family sucks," for example, should not be part of a bug report and something like that would probably violate forum rules anyways and get you either suspended or banned.
  • DON'T take things personally; for example, if the final response to a bug report you make is something like "your hardware can't handle it," it literally just means your hardware can't handle it and it's up to you to decide whether you want to stick with your hardware setup or make some upgrades (however pricey those may be).
  • DON'T make demands of the dev team; if a report is legitimate the team will eventually get to it and if they don't there are much more peaceful ways to refresh their memories about it.
  • DON'T make feature requests and pass them off as bug reports; if you want to request a feature just flat out request a feature in the appropriate location.

So! Just a few DOs and DON'Ts to consider when reporting a bug in the future.
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RE: Reporting bugs - guidelines
Excellent post and VERY helpful. Thank you!
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