Attention: Dave! My Questions About Uprising?
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Attention: Dave! My Questions About Uprising?
1) Is Uprising still going to be released in December 2013?

2) Will we get more move slots for the final Uprising release than the ones mentioned on the ProwrestlingX.Com website?

3) Will Uprising have a caw mode?

4) If Uprising does have a caw mode will their be caw parts?

5) How many caws can we make in Uprising?

6) Will we be able to assign KO and Signature moves?

7) If we can assign KO and Signature moves. How many of each can we assign? Also how many Finishers per wrestler?

8) Will we be able to remap the controller layout?

Is their anything else I can do to support the project. I bought 2 copies of Prowrestling X. The Limited 2 Disc Tin Edition & a regular boxed version, plus Uprising & made 2 contributions. What else can I do to get things done at least with Uprising? Would another contribution work.

Thank You.
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