Some Questions
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Some Questions
I discovered this game yesterday and i have some questions:

1) the game will be released only in English?
2) there will be an editor of the characters good (if not higher) as that of WWE13?
3) This editor allows you to create custom costumes? such as one for the entry and one for the match?
4) Among the accessories that could be added to the editor will be some easter egg? for example, the mask of rey mysterio or even that of ultimate muscle Big Grin
5) there will be the entries of the wrestlers? will be customizable?
6) how many different arenas are there? would be ideal to have some that is Differentiate, such as an octagonal ring etc....
7) there will be other match stipulations? if so what?
8) there will be match in the steel cage?
9) how many and what types of weapons are there? will present the ladders?
10) there will be a match like the royal rumble where you can have more than 20 wrestlers fight?
11) there will be a match like the royal rumble where you can have more than 20 wrestlers fighting each other?
12) will present the signature moves of the famous wrestler (like rock bottom or the frog splash)?
13) there will be a differentiation between heavyweight and lightweight?
14) there will be the Divas?
15) you can create team of wrestlers with their personal entry for the tag team match?
16) there will be a season mode? will it have a story?
17) will the season be like th one in Wrestling Encore where you can take steroids and your wrestler can die for heart failure?
18) will the season mode have cutscenes?
19) how many titles are there?
20) you can do the match valid for the title as in Smackdown vs Raw 2008?
21) there will be a general manager mode?
22) you will be able to fight in unconventional places (such as dressing rooms, parking, or in the audience)?
23) final graphics will be very heavy? will be better than that of the recent WWE games?
24) how it is structured the system of finishing moves? you can do them at any time or just after the filling of a special indicator?
25) you can do the taunt?
26) can you block the moves while performing or there will be scripted?
27) how does the HUD works? there will be a stilized man to indicate damage sustained as in Smackdown vs Raw?
28) there will be a commentary as in Smackdown vs Raw?
29) there will be a table of the commentators at ringside? can you break it?
30) will the wrestlers bleed after they undergo too many hits?
31) the wrestler will have a different level of force between them? or they fight everyone at the same level?
32) his game has the licenses for the presence of some real wrestler no longer in business?
33) can you play using a gamepad?
34) there will be differences between a face wrestler and a heel wrestler?
35) an hell wrestler can cheat?

I am really interessed in this game, it has great potential Big Grin

wrestling games on pc were too few, and those really worth even less, I sincerely hope that this can be a valid alternative to all those wrestling games that exist on the current generation of consoles

best regards,
01-19-2013, 07:02 PM
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