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last questions - XPainMaster - 01-06-2014

ok, I know that my continuous asking may be annoying for Dave, but there is one last thing I want to ask:
1) can the computer fight itself, so you can watch the match without using any wrestler?
2) the wrestlers created with the editor will be exportable? if i create a wrestler, will i be able to share it on internet and who dowload it will be able to use it?

RE: last questions - PWX_Dave - 01-06-2014

Not annoying at all! Any game developer lucky enough to have people asking questions about their game should be thankful as hell. And I am!

1) Yes, our AI at present is really early and rough but our intention is to keep developing it with Fire Pro Wrestling as the standard we look to.
2) Yes! At present you'd just literally move those files around yourself but ultimately I'd like to see a big fat "share" button so you could easily share wrestlers and other creations as easily as sharing photos with friends.

RE: last questions - XPainMaster - 01-28-2014

ok Dave, thank you Big Grin

RE: last questions - PWX_Dave - 02-16-2014

My pleasure, buddy Smile