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Submission Bug - PackagePileDriver - 02-03-2013

I noticed that when I'm doing submissions such as the choke hold, that the character animations aren't syncing up correctly. The choke hold looks more like CPR chess compressions.

RE: Submission Bug - JaoSming - 02-03-2013

Titty twister of doom if I recall Dave's Kickstarter video correctly. Freakin hilarious when a match ends with that move.

RE: Submission Bug - Undertaker666 - 02-04-2013

i'm pretty sure that's a known issue, have you checked that thread?

RE: Submission Bug - PWX_Dave - 03-07-2013

Yup! That is SUPPOSED to be a choke hold but the animation refused to line up. I figured it looked funny as an Atomic Titty Twister so I decided to leave it in just for fun. Our new animation system appears to be letting us line animations up properly so expect a proper chokehold in the future. I dunno...leave the Titty Twister in anyway?